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  • Simulation of voltage controlled tunable all pass filter using LM13700 OTA August 2010 Conference: Electrical, Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering
See the LM13700 applications notes for details. Theory Of Operation The control voltage is fed into the first half of a 1458 op-amp, this stage inverts the signal and sets the offset and gain for the right channel gain control circuit.

There’s a million fat-sounding Eurorack filters out there… but they don’t all bring you lasagna at work. Ripples delivers a classic, big-sounding analog four-pole filter in a small 8-HP package, continuing Mutable Instruments’ lineage of warm and tasty filters started by the Shruthi SMR4 mkII and 4-Pole Mission.

Thus if VCA_CV is approx 3V, Iabc is about 2mA, about the max the LM13700 will take (I think, I've not checked datasheet). So max at Q7 base around 100mV is about right. The voltage at R75 will also be scaled (by about a twentieth) and will subtract out at the base, so the allowable VCA_CV swing will be greater (and in any case at least these ...
  • May 18, 2016 · If you can find a clone of the more "recent" MS20 filters that use the LM13700 dual OTAs, these should be cleaner. Otherwise, I think that the MF101 is a great choice. Not as versatile as the MS20 HPF->LPF, but more of a "classic" synth sound. Run a Big Muff through the MF101, roll the tone off your guitar, and you have a great pseudo-synth sound.
  • VCA build with an LM13700 transconductance op amp from Ray Wilson's Make: Analog Synthesizers book. Future Enhancements: * Add a 2nd VCA - In Progress * Solder basic circuit onto perfboard - Completed * Add power supply decoupling circuitry - Complete - by Brian Tuley
  • The quadrature LFO is a special module that was not found on many modular synthesizers back in 1970s. Mostly, only companies like Polyfusion, Buchla or Serge would propose such a weird LFO.

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    A paraphonic module for modular synth. At it's core a pre-programmed dsp chip is is utilized to model an analog synthesizer. The module can be controlled via a midi cable and a GUI for setting CC parameter values. Features: · 15 DCO, 24db DCF, 2 ENV, 1 LFO · 5 voice paraphonic voice structure · 44.1KHz 16-bit Delta-Sigma DAC · 19 parameters controlled through MIDI-CC · 3.3v power ...

    Sep 17, 2019 · The VCF is my go-to LM13700 12db resonant LPF. The VCF signal is then sent to an LM386 power amplifier to drive the output. There is also a line input that is summed to the main keyboard signal, so external signals can be sent through the distortion and filter circuits in the same way the keyboard is.

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    The LM13700 is a bonafide classic synth chip, plus it's cheap and *still* available decades after it was originally introduced. Ok, it's no longer the state of the art, and its noise and distortion figures are pretty poor, but that's actually a part of its charm. It's definitely got that "vintage sound". So let's have […]

    So I decided to take a hint from previous synth designs and make some of the sub-circuits into modules that plugged into a host board. This pretty much makes moot all the effort I put into finding a layout tool that would let me do sub-layouts, but it gets the voice board size down to about 8"x4" which I think will be much more manageable.

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    Instead of the AS3360 working as a variable resistor, the LM13700 does that job now. So there are a few bits and bobs around it to make the LM13700 work, but a keen eye will spot the resistor (hint, it's the LM13700)/capacitor combo (times 2, you know, 2 poles) and the feedback network that makes it all tick.

    B. The LM13700. LM13700 Manufacturers; LM13700 Chip Details; Three Examples of LM13700 Circuits. A Simple VCA Using the LM13700; A Simple State-Variable VCF; A Triangle-to-Sine Converter; C. Working with CMOS Logic Chips. Logic Chips in Synth-DIY. CD4013 Dual D Flip-Flop; CD4011 Quad Two-Input NAND Gate ; CD4001 Quad Two-Input NOR Gate ; CD4066 ...

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    - New electrolytic capacitors (PSU Board, Noise / modulation Board, Synth Board) - New fader caps - Rusty screws changed by new ones - Polypropylene capacitors of the filter section changed by new ones, also new LM13700 x2 - New cap for the bender lever - Cleaning and scrubbing of the fader caps-Overall cleaning ( int / ext) - New hex nut for jacks

    Okay, so, maybe this blog thing that's so popular with the young people today could work for me. It seems like an attractive format for presenting some of the interesting stuff going on.

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    Yes you could use an LM13700, it's basically just two CA3080 type OTA's and also includes buffers on separate pins, but you could just ignore the extras. The only reason I haven't bothered is there's not a lot of difference in price if you buy from Polida, and I'd need to accomodate a 16pin IC instead of 8 which would make the layout bigger. Delete

    Classic Murmux Filter designed using LM13700 OTAs, LPF/HPF, Selectable number of Low Pass Poles. ... Semi-modular Synth, CV/Gate, flexible DAW integration, patch ...

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    Accordingly, the CA13700 is the same circuit as the CA13600 with the exception that the output buffer impedance is independent of the bias current. A schematic for an OTA on the CA13600 is included. The Darlington in the CA13700 (LM13700) has no connection to the input current mirror as the 13600 does.

    My Midi DAC (original project by Robin) live for now.During three or five days I have'nt GATE from "A" out of 5668.. So, I made small correction in Arduino's sketch and change GATE channel from zero to five; now it plays stable and fine.

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    Synth voice ¶ A synth voice must have, at the minimum, a built-in oscillator and envelope. ... Example: "24dB 12dB V2164 LM13700 OTA multi-mode analog" modules ...

    Used two TL071's for the OpAmps, LM13700 as the Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA), 10k Potentiometer, Capacitors and Resistors.

Voltage controlled resonance is implemented with an LM13700 OTA cell and the spare OTA is used for a Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA), thus combining two functions into one module, similiar to the Roland D80017A VCF-VCA module used in the Juno 106.
“For sale is a Crumar Bit One synth that I have been trying to fix for a friend. This is a six voice analogue polysynth with digitally controlled oscillators, Curtis 3328 24dB/octave analogue filters and LM13700 VCA’s.
So I decided to take a hint from previous synth designs and make some of the sub-circuits into modules that plugged into a host board. This pretty much makes moot all the effort I put into finding a layout tool that would let me do sub-layouts, but it gets the voice board size down to about 8"x4" which I think will be much more manageable.
Sep 04, 2017 · Noteworthy: the LM13700 is not a specific synth IC but a great aid in providing analog voltage control. Most noteworthy: by my knowledge it is out of production (or someone would start reproducing it in SMD?), which is one of the reasons for the reintroduction of the Curtis and SSM ICs.